Of the metaphysical sciences such as tarot or astrology, Numerology is the least known. Numerology make relationships between letters and numbers. It is the discipline that studies how much influence numbers in human beings, and helps you to know yourself and to know others, in both, outter and inner.

Using Numerology , you can know your path and destiny, knowing the life CHALLENGES and how to be prepared. Numerology studies how to upgrade your skills and talents effectively.

The Numerology has calculus methods where starting from a name, you get a number with its corresponding meaning, numbers range from 1 to 9 and exceptionally are the masters numbers 11 and 22.

Numerology presents the following issues related to your name:

Soul Number or vowel number It is our inner, is the power that cause us to move...More

Personality Number It reflects our outter, that thing that we show, our external immage...More

Name Number Defines the being, the person qualities...More

Synthesis Number It is a summary, a complete study of both inner and outter being, its soul and ...More

Name Numerology

Chosse gender to know the Numerology of the name.

Write your name next to Numerology word, to know your numbers and meanings.