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The meaning of Personality Number

The personality number (some call it outer personality ) shows how we see the rest of the people.
It is not necessarily what we really are. This number also shows us what people expected of us according our image.

Another definition says that thepersonality number tells us what we project as a first impression at the moment we meet.
It also represents aspects of our personality that we feel comfortable sharing in interpersonal relationships.

The personality term is derivated from person, which means "mask."
In other words, is the mask we put in front of others. It is the action we do day by day, our language body, our gestures, our dress, and so on.
These are all separate parts of a puzzle that most people use to define, through their experiences and knowledge.

How to compute personality number

The personality number is calculated by adding onlty the consonants letter entering the name. Each letter is translated using the corresponding table numbers and add and reduce all digits obtained.

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