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The meaning of Soul Number

The Soul Number comes from numerology and explains the "inner me" ergo, our hidden side It defines personal aspects, that aspects that are unconscious. Not even those who know us well, know thatpersonality side.
Represents the inner motivation and the causes of that. It´s a very important number, becauses influences all the life decisions.

If you believe in reincarnation, the soul number says what the person was in their previous lives. Given that, the Soul Numer shows a part of the development stored in previous lives and can act as an inner strength influencing the actions of your present life

Therefore, knowing the soul number, we can know what drives us through our lives, defining our learning objectives. Thus, we can have experiences that help us to access a higher level of consciousness.
If life force that gives us the soul, remains inhibited by external events and miss the performance, you need to repeat the same vibratory impulse in another life to come, until this is accomplished.

How to compute soul number (or vocal)

The soul number is calculated by adding the vowels entering the name. Each letter is translated using the corresponding table numbers and add and reduce all digits obtained.

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